February 23, 2017

Our main focus today will be on a radio station known as Kj power 104.1fm. This is a station fully dedicated to playing the genre of music known as hip hop. As always, all radio stations are dedicated to entertaining as well as making money through advertisements. As f...

February 23, 2017

Entertainment is among the essentials in life. People are entertained in various ways. Among the forms of entertainment are such as listening to music as well as watching movies at home or at the cinema. As for now, we will focus our attention towards music. In the cas...

February 13, 2017

Hip hop is amongst the best music genres that are in existence. Good music is the best thing that anyone can be glad to listen to. In the case of hip hop, we will discuss about a radio station known as KJ power 104.1 fm. KJ power is a radio station that is fully dedica...

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